When Everything Changed

A few days ago I wrote about a few recent books and movies I had read. I was going to include When Everything Changed but thought it deserved it’s own post – I enjoyed it that much. My Mom gave me this book last Christmas after reading about it in the paper. Typically I read a lot of fiction and find non-fiction books a bit heavy to get through but this was written so well I flew through it. It combines facts with anecdotes about specific women and is really absorbing. It really is amazing to think of the scope of change that’s happened for women within the past 50 or so years. At age 30 I take equal rights and all that goes with it completely for granted but a few decades ago this was not the case and women had to fight for where they are now.

It was so informational I almost want to read it again so I can absorb more! Go out and buy a copy!

When everything changed gail collins