Williston Family Photography

January 30, 2019

Charity and I are dedicated member of the Junior League of Champlain Valley and she was a huge supporter and encourager of the Diaper Bank that we started last fall. Her adorable daughter is a few months younger than Norah and her awesome Husband is currently helping us out with a promo video for the diaper bank – this family is the best!! The day was a bit chilly but the light was beautifully coming through the trees so we made it work.

Nothing against Dads but I LOVE taking pictures of Moms and their kids (and especially their daughters). Too many Moms don’t want to be in photos. My own Mom was like that especially once Norah was born so we literally have 4 photos of them both together. Needless to say I absolutely treasure those photos. Get in the picture Moms you will be glad you did as will your kids!

And even better Nami joined the shoot at the end!

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