Winter Weekend at the Lake

This weekend our cousins Will & Sarah came to visit us at the lake with their pooches Grit and Cole. Grit and Strider were born on the same day (April 21st) but are from different litters. Despite that they seem like Brothers separated at birth and get along like peas and carrots.

Grit is an intense little pooch and always looks like he’s doing some deep thinking

At ten years old Cole is the patriarch and isn’t bothered by those silly younger dogs – he is a sweetheart

On Saturday despite the 10° temperatures we bundled up and ventured outside for a grand walk. We walked around the lake and then down the side of it on the way back home. It was a beautiful day – crisp blue skies and the snow was just perfect for walking – you rarely broke through but still had to focus on not slipping 🙂 I fell the most, but that was only three times. Will & Sarah had these neat shoe attachments called Yak Trax – add those to my list!

A happy family 🙂 We had fun throwing ice chunks across the ice and watching the dogs try to pick them up…mostly they just pushed them forward with their noses.

Needless to say when we got home the pooches PASSED OUT and barely lifted an eyelid all night

I call this the blissed out position. Grit was VERY tired.

After dinner we got a game of Skip-bo going – a lakehouse tradition. Winners claim that it is a game of skill. Losers claim that it is a game of luck. Let’s just say Sarah and I were crying luck more than we were crying skill 🙂 It was Will’s first time so we kept giving him hints…we are just so nice 🙂

The pooches this morning were in a stay while we were packing but wanted to make sure they didn’t miss anything

One last romp before going home!

Will & Sarah – we had SUCH a fun time and hope you can come back and experience summer at the lakehouse. xoxo