Yes, Chef

I recently finished listening to “Yes, Chef. I heard about this book through a Fresh Air Interview with the author Marcus Samuellson who is probably most well known for winning Top Chef Masters. Having not watched the show I had never heard of him but his story seemed interesting so I added it to my list. A few months ago I listened to Blood, Bones, and Butter and there is just something wonderful about listening to someone talk about food – it makes my mouth water! I also appreciate when the author him or herself is the reader as was the case with Marcus.

Marcus was born in Ethiopia and when his Mother died when he was just 3 years old he was adopted by a Swedish family and spent his childhood there. The book covers his young life and rise through a variety of different kitchens until he eventually opened the Red Rooster in Harlem (now on my list of restaurants to visit!) It’s a great story and I really enjoyed his approach, style, and voice.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in “foodie bios”!