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January 24, 2011

It was impossible to pick my top 20 favorites overall from last year so I decided to make the task easier and choose 15 favorites from the various categories of photos I present to clients.

To me I love particular photos not just because they are good but because of the expressions of the people pictured and the story behind them – that is what really makes them special. Below I will try to illustrate some of the emotions behind the photos in words.
First up…..getting ready (in no particular order)!

Ashley was such a classically beautiful and elegant bride – I usually don’t gravitate towards shots where people are camera aware but I just loved her expression and the beautiful window light on her face in this one.

As Allie donned her dress (which had been worn previously by her God Sister Allison) and her God Mother blew her a kiss everyone teared up – it was an incredibly touching and emotional moment.

I don’t always get to hang out with the guys due to timing and location but Jamie and Carolyn were staying in the same hotel. Before all the guys arrived it was just me and Jamie as he was putting on his tie – I love this shot.

I love when people get ready at home and all the personality it brings. Here Jeanmarie hangs out with her friends in her childhood room before putting on her dress

I loved the parasol that Becca had bought for the wedding and loved how it was incorporated into this joyful moment as she donned her dress and became a bride πŸ™‚

The weather was beautiful outside so I was thrilled with James and his guys decided to put the finishing touches on outside in the natural light. Yes the lack of a mirror made it a bit more difficult but it was worth it πŸ™‚

A few minutes later inside his bride Sarah put her dress on and checked herself out for the first time as a bride πŸ™‚

I loved the bright yellow room where Emily got ready. Here she hugs her Mom as her sister and cousin look on πŸ™‚

I loved the leading line of family photographs as Avery got her makeup applied (by her sister) in one room and her Mom got her hair done down the hall

A few minutes later Avery shared a laugh with her sister and Mother right after putting the finishing touches on her look. She got dressed in her parent’s bedroom so again I loved the personal touches all around.

Finn and his best friend got dressed at another house but then walked up the road towards the ceremony site. With the foliage in the background and both men looking dapper I just love the shot

Inside Kate was surrounded by the women closest to her as she put her dress on and prepared to marry Finn. Here she reaches out to connect with her GodMother while her best friends lace her up and look on.

I loved the vibrance of the blue door and Kate’s expression as her two nieces carefully help her make her way down the stairs in their house.

Hannah reacts to her Mom after settling into the car that will take her to the ceremony! I love the anticipation and happiness on her face and also the way the black and white photo accentuates the detail in her stunning 120 year old family veil that her Mom had worn 30 years earlier.

I caught Kim and her Maid of Honor waving to arriving guests and just loved their reactions πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for my favorite ceremony moments of 2010
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