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February 4, 2011

Today’s installment of my favorites from 2010 are the scene setters – wider angle views of what’s going on that give a better feeling of the place.
This year I played around a bit more with nighttime shots and I’m really loving the results.
Brian & Ashley’s wedding was right on the beach – gorgeous. The waves tell the story of the wind!!

Becca got ready at a friend’s house right across the street so it was just a short walk (to the tune of Going to the Chapel which they were all singing!!) to the church!

The Ponds is such a spectacular location for a wedding! I took this during Whitney & Andy’s reception at sunset but just thought it really captured the scenic beauty of the spot

Another one of my favorite Vermont locations – The Inn at Round Barn Farm. James & Sarah staged their wedding right on the edge of the water so everyone had beautiful views of the hill (and the cows!) beyond

Sam & Emily drove a relative’s Porsche through the Southern Vermont countryside from their ceremony to their reception. I (naturally!!) was hanging out the sunroof and just loved the curve of the road.

Later that night guests walked from the outdoor cocktail hour to the the tent at sunset

Becca & Mike’s beautiful Backyard wedding with the trees framing them perfectly

A few hours later their guests listened to an impromptu musical performance under the stars….magical.

The setting for Betsy & Anthony’s wedding totally blew me away – right on the water with Boston in the background… was pefection.

After the sunset while everyone was eating dinner I set up my tripod to capture the same scene differently. LOVE the results 🙂

Kate & Finn’s wedding was at home and I took this from their bedroom window – I hope for many years to come they will glance out the window and remember the view 🙂

Hannah & John’s wedding ended with a quintessential New York getaway in a vintage taxi cab. I loved how all the guests came out to send them off and how their faces are lit by the taillights.

My final wedding of the year was Kim & Pete’s at Jonathan Edwards winery – I love the warm light pouring out of the tent against the clean white of the building

We are painting our bedroom this weekend…..wish us luck!!

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