2nd Annual Girls Crafting Weekend at the Lake!

January 22, 2011

Last weekend I spent a GLORIOUS weekend at the lake with some girlfriend crafting, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. It was the 2nd Annual Girls Crafting Weekend at the Lake. Last year we had two puppies + Strider to distract us from our crafts but this year Sarah’s Husband didn’t want to be left home alone so Strider and Sage flew solo and were very patient with our obsessive crafting πŸ™‚

Here they think that maybe if they sit under the table and at times on the pedal of my sewing machine I’ll take them for a walk πŸ™‚

This year the most popular craft was quilting and even at such a big table we had to take turns with four machines and lots of cutting happening…..cheese and wine breaks helped make that possible πŸ™‚

Friday night we had Carmelized onion and roasted butternut squash pizza. On Saturday for lunch we had a beet and goat cheese salad and Italian Wedding Soup – yummo.

After a long Saturday of crafting my sugar level was crashing (I require frequent snacks!!) so I took a break for some snuggies with my doggies πŸ™‚

Sage looking cute πŸ™‚

By Saturday night we had fully spread out with our various crafts both in the living room and the den laying out quilt tops and bindings and batting…..don’t worry – it was all cleaned up neat as a pin (hopefully we didn’t drop too many of those!!) by the time we left on Sunday

We broke for an AMAZING dinner made with love by Sarah of Beef Bourguignon and some great discussion about our informal book club book – The Dirty Life

The next morning we took pictures of our completed projects.

My first one was a quilt top I pieced last FEBRUARY (can you tell I really like piecing and don’t like quilting and binding??!!) – it was leftover fabric from the quilt I made Ellie and backed with a cheerful yellow fabric.

(excuse the serial killer boots – they are boots that live at the lakehouse for people who forget theirs and were easy to slip on!!)

The second quilt was again pieced for the most part last February and finished a few days before the weekend. It’s a cheerful grab bag of prints from my stash and it is BRIGHT! The backing is an adorable print I picked up last weekend at Sew Inspired. I know it’s from a children’s book but the name escapes me now – suffice it to say it’s CUTE!!

This sadly is not my quilt but Sarah’s – HOLY WOW!! She had cut the colors but pieced and quilted the whole thing on Saturday – VERY impressive. It turned out just beautifully and she’s going to hang it in her crafting room (I’d like one of those please instead of my living room!) to inspire her for future projects.

The ladies and our loot – I gotta say we majorly upped the ante on our loot from last year and so had to stand BEHIND the couch to show it all off!

We wanted to include the book we all so enjoyed reading – GO BUY IT NOW!!

Behind it is Cathy’s adorable first quilt that she is making for a nephew that’s due in a few months – she’s a science teacher so the fabrics were so appropriate!!

Christen created hand made Valentines that would have made Martha proud πŸ™‚

Jen did a little sketching and a little knitting

Megan made major progress on a beautiful knitted blanket

Alyssa quilted the blanket down front

Another view of that amazing color wheel quilt

The toy is mine and I was very pleased with how it turned out. A bit too much hand stitching for my taste (definitely not my strong suit!) but some baby will be very happy to chew on it πŸ™‚

Hilary started and finished an adorable cross stitch for her kitchen!

Alyssa also pieced all the parts to make a tree skirt with the same pattern as mine – it looked awesome!

All is all a great weekend and a great tradition continues!!

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