A Coozan Brunch!

January 6, 2009

On Sunday we went over to Ave & Heidi’s house for a brunch gathering of some cousins! Of course the star of the show is Lila & David’s son Rowan who has gotten HUGE. Last time I saw him he was crawling by doing his best interpretation of the worm and was turning 1… he’s walking!

I love the progression of these two images

COME ON. How cute are his little teeth???!!

He’s a Vermont boy and he loves his John Deere 🙂

YUM. Strawberries

Yeah I guess there were a few others there….but clearly my attention was on Rowan 🙂

His Mom is also a small business owner – she makes clothes and household items and made his bib! Clearly he approves.

My cousin Heidi reads with Rowan who is getting tired….time for a nap!

Sleepy boy.

It was great to see you guys! Thanks for hosting Heidi & Ave!


ohana photographers-david and kimi

that smile is beyond cute!!!

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