Adding to the family…..the four legged variety :)

December 4, 2009

No no – no kids for us yet – just a new fur baby who we will pick up on December 12th πŸ™‚ Jeff and I have been considering getting a 2nd dog for at least a year and we figured the time was right – wedding season was winding down and my schedule is fairly free for the next few months…a perfect time for training!

Unfortunately Strider’s Breeder Lisa (Rosemont Labradors) didn’t have any puppies but Strider’s Brother Skooter had sired a litter that was born two days after I sent my first email to Elaine of Wellington Labradors.

This past Sunday on our way back from Vermont we stopped by to meet the litter – they were six weeks old and just so snuggly and adorable.

On the left and right is our little yellow lady.

Jeff getting to know the puppy πŸ™‚

I love how big her paws are πŸ™‚

Amanda maybe we should get two??!!

She fell asleep in Elaine’s arms near the end of our visit….what a smush!

Pick me too!

Happy family!

And now a walk down memory lane to May 29, 2006!!

So now the big question is…..what do we name her? The front runner is Sage but does anyone have any other suggestions???

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