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August 14, 2007

On Saturday night I had the privilege of photographing my cousin Heidi’s rehearsal dinner which took place at The Inn at Shelburne Farms. Heidi, Lila, and I were like peas and carrots growing up as evidenced by this photo of us in our towels – probably circa 1987 (I’m on the right and Heidi’s on the left).

The weather was perfect and the setting absolutely stunning

The beautiful bride

And the handsome pensive groom (not really….Ave can send me into gales of laughter where five minutes later I’m still giggling at random intervals when everyone else has gotten over it…yep….I’m a little strange)

Ahhhhh…..the power of cheese 🙂 Shelburne Farms is known for their award winning cheddar cheese – YUM

Heidi can’t get enough of Rowan – Lila’s son and part of the next generation (wait – when did we become old??!!). He is perhaps the mellowest baby on the planet helped out by his calm and loving parents – it is so amazing to see Lila with her son.

Big Ave (the Father of the Groom) looks proudly at his son

They both had such great expressions throughout the evening.

Wedding pictures to come later this week!



I stumbled across your blog because I’m a frequent lurker on Daria’s blog. I just wanted to comment on your photography as well, it is so beautiful! Congrats to your cousin- she is so beautiful and their smiles shine true happiness!

omg! that picture of you is soooo cute!! LOVE IT!!

what a gorgeous bride!


These are beautiful, Amanda!
What a perfect evening.
And I looooooove the photo of you, Heidi and Lila!!

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