Baby David comes to visit

July 12, 2007

First of all a HUGE thank you to Justin Marantz for helping me figure out how to make my blog wider and my pictures bigger – isn’t it pretty?! Justin and his soon to be wife Mary are always willing to help whenever a question arises and their generosity inspires everyone to pay it forward. THANK YOU!!

This weekend Jeff’s cousins were in town with their adorable six month old baby named after Jeff’s Father David. The two Davids hang out….

When he was happy he was REALLY happy πŸ™‚ I love how his eyes just sparkle with mischief πŸ™‚

And adorable chubby baby fingers

Thankfully Strider was very very gentle and slow moving around David and just seemed to want to sniff him…..what the heck is this thing?

It’s an awe inspiring world out there….

It may be time for snack and a nap.

I couldn’t resist putting this shot in – I will not elaborate on what was happening at this moment down below in the diaper πŸ˜‰

The activity for the weekend was helping David to learn how to sit up. He did it pretty well by the time he left but would occasionally lean casually over to one side and you’d have to catch him – he wasn’t too fazed by it though πŸ™‚

I love my Mom!

Ok guys this isn’t fun anymore (who could resist this little squished up face)

Help Dad and Mom….I need a snuggle.

All better with Grandma

And a happy family shot to round it out.

It was great meeting you guys – hope to see you next summer πŸ™‚

(and thanks again Justin for helping me make my blog photos bigger. Next stop – the header!)


AH…GREAT work! The shot of David sitting by himself is especially wonderful- I love it’s vintage-y quality (the lighting). Really great!

Your best work yet!

eeee! I love the fingers shot! and of course the one with Strider! We can’t wait to see you guys tonight…Cooper is already picking out toys to play with when his new bff gets here! πŸ˜›


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