July 23, 2008

On a stormy day in late June I went to Aidan’s first All-Star Baseball game. I didn’t realize that my cousin was on the team, and also that I would see many other familiar faces (friends of Aidan’s).

I had my zoom and tried to stay far away so as not to distract him!

Love the tongue to aid in concentration 🙂

Happy kid!

And happy to be on base!

The line-up

Aidan’s friend takes a swing

Halfway through the game I decided to experiment with shooting in camera black and white. For almost all my shoots I capture a color photo and then adjust it to black and white if I feel it will improve the photograph. Here there is no getting the color back 🙂 I was very happy with the results and have done it a few times since then!

My (not so little anymore!) cousin.

Good game!

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