Basin Harbor Belly :: Lindsay & Brendan

August 30, 2018

Lindsay & Brendan got married a few years ago at Basin Harbor and returned this summer to celebrate their impending arrival in a few months of their first child. They contacted me wanting to document this time in their life – I joked to them that now when we have family photos taken we always forget to get one of just me and Jeff….the originals! Life does indeed change when little ones arrive but for the most part in the most wonderful way – it was fun to here about their plans and give my piece of advice….which is to accept any advice with a smile and then do exactly what works for your child and your family. Parents know best! We visited a few familiar places and discovered some new ones. Basin Harbor is such a beautiful spot and it was all the more special to end our time together with them holding a photo from their wedding just a few years ago. Congratulations to both of you!

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