Basin Harbor Club Rehearsal Dinner :: Ford & Elizabeth

July 18, 2012

Elizabeth & Ford’s wedding weekend kicked off on a beautiful Friday in June with a rehearsal, boat cruise, and BBQ! One of the things I love about Basin Harbor is that most everyone stays on site so all weekend long it’s like a summer camp with tons of activities and everyone included…..not to mention that the setting is jaw dropping beautiful. Ford & Elizabeth were so relaxed as they greeted their loved ones and started to try and soak it all up!

Wendy Bratt (who officiated our wedding and is WONDERFUL!) gathered everyone in a circle and had people introduce themselves and tell about their connection with Elizabeth & Ford- it was handy to help figure out who everyone was!

We tried to stay cool in the little bit of shade….it was hot!

I couldn’t get enough of this little one all weekend long – she was a VERY enthusiastic flower girl and kept the mood light with her chatter and antics!

Practicing for the real thing!

After the rehearsal wrapped the bridal party and immediate family went out on a cruise around the Basin Harbor area on Lake Champlain – it was the perfect night and we even got a bit of a breeze once we had set sail!

Captain Brian was beyond awesome all weekend and so helpful and friendly at all times!

Getting the guys (and Ford’s Mom!!) and gals together

Champagne toast!

Ford’s Mom and Elizabeth’s friend Ginger were the matchmakers so we thought it was appropriate to get a picture – I’d say it was a successful match!!

Catching a quiet moment on the way to the BBQ

Casual Vermont BBQ – my kind of rehearsal dinner!

Great setting

Logan generously pointing out the similarities between her teeth and her great Grandfather’s!!!

More sweet little ones with a red face from running around so much!

Ahhh – life in Vermont

Stay tuned for the wedding photos!


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