Batchelar Family Portraits

November 20, 2007

For some reason I tend to photograph a lot more boys so when it was fun to enter the land of Disney Princesses and make believe with these two girls!

They had a phone in their treehouse so E just had to take a quick call during our visit – it was her friend calling but E said she was SIMPLY too busy to talk right now!!!

Sometimes “hug your sister” results in a great image of both kids smiling. More often it results in a loving headlock that isn’t reciprocated 🙂

Their dog Fillmore wanted to be in a picture – she is a two year old Labradoodle who LOVES to retrieve!

We finished our visit at the piano doing a little singing

Tiny hands creating music

I had such a fun visit – hope you had a good skating lesson! Happy Turkey Day!


These are fantastic photos. You truly know how to capture children. Beautiful!!

love the hands as well and the word labradoodle

nikki nicole photography

ohh those girls are precious…I love the tiny hands have been rocking the portraits latley

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