Bea – 6 Months

September 13, 2008

It is SO fun to watch little ones grow up. I photographed Bea when she was 7 Days old and also at 3 months. This time we met on the Cape when we were both in town for a wedding. Bea was smiley but she loved sticking her tongue out at me πŸ™‚

She can lie on her back forever and is just happy as a clam

SUPER amazing blue eyes

My Momma loves me πŸ™‚

She has the cutest pudgy legs πŸ™‚

I couldn’t resist posting this picture. Bea spits up quite frequently so this is very Bea πŸ™‚


Hi Amanda!

Love the shots of Bea….especially the one with Deb nuzzling her cheek and both look so happy.

I do love the shot of the plotz πŸ™‚

love that spit up shot! that’s all too familiar for me lately!

you’re little kids portraits are always so clean and sharp. you really know how to capture the essence of them. great job.

E. Broderick Photography

Wow! She is getting so big! I think I remember her from the 3-month shoot! Her eyes are gorgeous! and I love the shot of her cute, chubby legs!

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