Best of 2010 – Details : VT Wedding

March 9, 2011

Having fabulous details is such a fun way to personalize your wedding to match your style. Oftentimes I hear about special details during the engagement shoot but it’s always fun to see how it all comes together and find a way to photograph them that personalizes the accessory or arrangement for the couple.

I LOVED Ashley’s fun reception dress and chose to photograph it in her Mom’s bedroom against these very Floridian shutters!

Brian & Ashley’s glass top tent was just gorgeously decorated -the colors were so fresh and beachy! The lanterns really brought your eye up to enjoy the night sky!

The final button on Alexa’s dress was taken from her Grandmother’s dress….such an amazingly simple and sentimental detail

I loved the crispness of this shot of Devin & Alexa’s rings on a hosta leaf in the garden

Lauren & Eric’s menus were detailed with an illustration of an old tractor – very appropriate for a Shelburne Farms wedding!

I loved the swoop of Sarah’s dress and the detailing on the side combined with her beautiful bouquet!

Mary & Aaron wanted a photo of their rings inscribed with the phrase “I am my beloved’s” and “my Beloved is mine”

This was the sign that greeted us at Sam & Emily’s wedding at her Grandparent’s house – LOVE IT!

I photographed Emily & Sam’s rings on a chair in one of the bedrooms that matched with the wedding day decor perfectly πŸ™‚

Ben works for Vineyard Vines and had these ties specially made for the guys πŸ™‚

I loved how this sign greeted guests at Becca & Mike’s wedding

Becca is an incredible florist and made all the bouquets herself – stunning! Check out her website!

Sperry tents are so gorgeous – Betsy & Anthony chose to set it off with simple and fresh color choices

Yumiko of Hana Floral Design did SUCH a gorgeous job designing Jen’s bouquet

I set Steve & Audra’s rings on a pumpkin – it was tricky to get them all balanced and aligned πŸ™‚

This sign featuring Kate & Finn’s Coats of Arms pointed people in the right direction!

I photographed Kate’s simple post bouquet in her bedroom.

A patch was sewn into Hannah’s dress with her monogram and the date – love that idea!

One more favorites post to go…..of four legged friends πŸ™‚

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