Betsy & Anthony’s Tent Wedding

October 1, 2010

Ceremony & Reception – Private Estate, Hingham, MA
Betsy’s Dress – Christos
Betsy’s Hair – Charles David (Hanover, MA)
Betsy’s Makeup – Sarra (Hingham, MA)
Caterer – Max Catering
Florist – Susan Ryan (Family Friend)
Band – Joey Scott & The Connection
Tent – Sperry Tents

Betsy and Anthony might win the award of the year for most laid back couple. They just totally took the day in stride, had an amazing time, and didn’t sweat a single detail πŸ™‚ Since Betsy had her makeup and hair done at two separate places we met up at her friend’s house where the wedding would be. She didn’t quite tell me what an amazingly spectacular location they had chosen for their wedding so since I was a bit early I just walked around with my mouth hanging open at this most incredible spot.
When Betsy arrived she scooted upstairs to put her dress on and then we headed outside to do their first look!

Nothing like a wedding dress to make someone feel like a bride πŸ™‚

Is my groom here yet?

Play that old broken record again – I LOVE LOVE LOVE when couples choose to do a first look and complete most of the portraits before the ceremony. It gives them time together and also maximizes their time with their guests….a win win for everyone!

It’s so fun to see people’s expressions and how they react – I think some grooms are a bit nervous to touch their perfect bride lest they mess up her hair and makeup but Betsy just gave him a big old snuggle and off they went πŸ™‚

Love the light coming through her veil

Betsy had built in extra time (thank you!) so after finishing up with the portraits we still had 45 minutes until the ceremony. I took the time to photograph some of the details under the tent and around the property.

I was thrilled when Betsy told me she was using a Sperry Tent – they are made of sailcloth and just beautiful to photograph inside and out!

The tent was decorated simply with rectangular tables, garden chairs, and flowers in tones of green and white.

Betsy’s Mother’s friend Susan did a beautiful job with the reception arrangements

A few details – the name of the property is “World’s End”

The escort cards tacked up and ready to go!

The ceremony begins!

Betsy and her Dad walked out on the terrace and down some steps to reach the ceremony site

The hand off πŸ™‚

With the Boston skyline in the distance I can’t imagine a more picturesque spot for a wedding!

The view back towards the house

Another of Betsy’s family friends sang a beautiful rendition of “Feels like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk and Betsy got unexpectedly emotional which gave her the giggles. All the guests had a laugh watching her go back and forth between crying and laughing – very very sweet πŸ™‚

I loved Betsy’s reaction to being married πŸ™‚

One of my favorite moments of the day

Coming back around to greet their guests

After doing a few more family portraits (the larger groupings) we stole away down to the dock to do a few more minutes of portraits

Love the skyline and the leading line of the dock πŸ™‚

Love the feeling in this one.

A few more details

A huge group from Bowdoin!

Betsy and her Dad share a quiet moment during the cocktail hour

Some more candids

It was SUCH an amazing spot especially as the sun began to set

The clouds parted just above the horizon line and the sunset was just spectacular

Into the tent they come!

Their first dance was to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Betsy’s Dad gave a very sweet toast

Apparently Betsy is not a fan of the Giants!!

Joey Scott & The Connection were awesome and kept the party rocking for the whole night – the guitarist was AMAZING

Anthony’s Dad and Brother tore up the dance floor πŸ™‚

Yum – shortcake hearts were served alongside fruit for a delicious alternative to wedding cake

A candy bar provided another option πŸ™‚

Instead of tossing a flower bouquet Betsy tossed a lottery ticket bouquet πŸ™‚

An impromptu meeting on the dance floor πŸ™‚

A parting shot – what a fun wedding!

Betsy & Anthony – I had such a blast – HUGE congratulations to both of you!


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