Birthday Dinner & Weekend in Vermont

April 22, 2008

This past weekend Jeff and I went up to Vermont to take care of a few wedding items. I had my hair and makeup trial (sorry – can’t post pictures of that…it’s a surprise!), we registered at a local art gallery, we picked up stones that will go in our flower arrangements, and we figured out our ceremony and vows with our officiant – our friend Wendy. Overall it was very productive πŸ™‚

Strider’s birthday was yesterday and mine was on the 20th so we went over to Wendy’s house for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate. The weather was SO awesome and we were able to eat outside – in April!

The Brothers

People have complained that I don’t put enough pictures of myself on the B-log so here’s one of me and Wendy

The “little” boys like making funny faces

Except when they are otherwise engaged and don’t realize they’re being photographed (I’m pretty sneaky!)

My Google countdown says 81 days to go!

Lovely πŸ™‚

And lovely again πŸ™‚


A popped some wheelies for me – the one time he WANTED me to photograph him.

My yummy birthday pound cake

Make a wish!

Jeff and I are headed out to our lawn now to do the distinctly American task of raking and bagging leaves. As much as we hoped that somehow magically the leaves would break down and disappear it hasn’t happened….and our neighbor Jones’ lawns are sparkling clean and making us feel bad. We started last night by buying 5 of those trophy sized Ace Hardware bags. Yeah – that didn’t even cover 1/2 the front lawn. So today I bought 20 more and we are hoping to finish raking the front tonight….and then go running…..oh joy.

Jeff bought me an I-Pod Shuffle for my birthday which I used for the first time last night. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable running is when you’re not constantly hearing the sound of your ragged out of shape breathing and thinking about how tired you are and how you just want it to be over πŸ™‚ Maybe music will help me turn over an exercise leaf!

Off to rake!!

E. Broderick Photography

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fun (and productive!) weekend!

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