June 21, 2007

Thanks for the photo Millie!


Last night we had a great PUG meeting at Steve Depino’s house in Guilford. Millie Holloman (a photographer from North Carolina) generously shared her experiences with us and provided a lot of value. After the meeting broke up we helped kick off the million faces campaign – an initiative started by Justin and Mary (our fearless leaders) or Imagine Imaging.

Today I’m assisting on a bridal shoot with Carla Ten Eyck and Steve Depino – I’m psyched.

Tomorrow I’m unplugging myself to re-connect with the men in my life – my fiance Jeff and my dog Strider. We’ll be in the Berkshires chilling out and I can’t wait.

Saturday I am going to assist Mary and Justin in a wedding they’re shooting and Sunday I am assisting Carla Ten Eyck on another wedding.

A busy weekend coming up but I’m psyched for each and every day. I’ll come up for air with a full report on Monday.

Have a great weekend,



you are still here working and I am posting on your blog! It’s just because you are so freaking GOOD!!!! You rock the hiz-ouse Harris!

woo hoo!! can’t wait!!

Lucas Photography

Hi Amanda….So nice to meet you last night. That’s so exciting that you are involved with so many wedding shoots. Have a great time!


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