August 11, 2008

Strider’s friend is visiting during the day for the month of August while his Mom is off at a writer’s workshop and his Dad is at med school.

You would think that Strider would be super excited to have a friend and they’d be playing non stop but I think the excitement has worn off. They spend most of their time sleeping under desks….Buzzy under Jeff’s and Strider under mine. Oh well – maybe introducing a puppy wouldn’t be all that bad…. 🙂 (just kidding…for now!)

One thing Buzzy doesn’t like is thunderstorms – NOT AT ALL! Anyone have any tips for how to calm down an anxious pooch?


Orchard Cove Photography

Ginger – that’s a good idea….I’m going to try that!!

What an adorable dog….

Hmm… not real sure about the thunderstorms issue. Perhaps giving the pooch a few treats or a big bone during thunderstorms would help… or figure out something that would make thunderstorms a pleasant experience for the dog. It would probably take at least 5 thunderstorms to make it a habit… but maybe it would help. Then maybe, when Buzzy hears thunder, the first thing he/she will think of is “Yay! I get a bone!”

I dunno… worth a try! Do a google search, too!

I don't know what helps, but did you read Marley & Me?

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