Cape Cod Summer Adventures

February 9, 2017

Every year in early August we head to the Cape to celebrate two special birthdays with my best friend Sarah…..her son Henry’s and her daughter Emily’s. Norah and Emily are just a few months apart and it’s been so fun to watch their friendship evolve as they grow up together. Now they both have younger siblings so that dynamic will be fun to observe as well. We kicked off the week with Emily’s birthday party which took place on a perfect summer day. Of course everything though simple was impeccably organized by Sarah and everyone had a wonderful time.

Sarah thought of every detail!

Unprompted hugging while waiting for the pinata (TOO cute.)

Sarah decorated this Mimi (mermaid!) cake which was delicious and everyone loved

Way too much fun going through the sprinkler with Dad!

Eve in all her cuteness

Quiet time before bed after all the guests had left

We had lots of early morning trips to the playground which thankfully is just down the street

And some AMAZING lobster rolls by Sarah’s Dad Bob impeccably styled by Sarah (photo is hers despite logo)

My beautiful friend and her beautiful girls

We headed to Rhode Island one day to meet up with a friend and her two girls. On the way back we snuck ice cream cones in the front seat!!

Sarah’s son Henry would have been 4 so we gathered on the beach to celebrate his birthday

Every year we write messages on lanterns and send them into the sky – it is a most meaningful and beautiful tradition.

Norah understood a bit that we were saying happy birthday to “baby Henry”

Such strength and grace.

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