Charlotte News

February 21, 2013

Ever since we moved up here I’ve really enjoyed reading the local paper – The Charlotte News every two weeks when it arrives in my box. A few months ago I noticed they were looking for new contributors so I contacted the editor and ever since then every few weeks I get photo assignments – a fun change to my usual type of photography!

My first assignment was a shed building project that the local Rotary club was building at the school. I enjoyed spending a few hours there watching it come together and was thrilled when I landed the cover the next week!


My next assignment was as the school taking pictures of kids eating potatoes that they had grown and harvested – pretty fun!


At Christmas I volunteered at the food shelf to put together the Christmas baskets. When I saw how many people were there I drove home to get my camera!


My assignment in January was to take pictures of people doing winter activities but that week we had a thaw and when I saw these two boys running I drove up and asked if I could take their picture – I think they thought I was a little loony!


A local college student tragically died in January – a picture of him throwing a pizza sits as a memorial in the Old Brick Store where he used to work.


There was an issue devoted to travel in January so for this one I really stretched out of my comfort zone and wrote an article about travel tips! I was thrilled when I saw how many of my photos they used!



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