Chris & Leigh’s Shelburne Farms Engagement Shoot

August 8, 2008

Last Friday when I got to Vermont we went straight to my Aunt Deenie’s house to photograph my cousin Christopher and his fiance Leigh. They are getting married in just a few weeks (August 23rd) so this was our final opportunity!

Chris was QUITE good natured about delaying leaving for a weekend in the Adirondacks to take some pictures. The beginning of our photo session was a little dramatic – we tried to get a picture of them with their three beagles. Problem was – the female beagle was in heat. Let’s just say there was a small amount of blood and a yelp involved. Needless to say we figured after that it was safer to just stick to Chris and Leigh.

They are a very fun couple and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding on the 23rd!

Leigh has a great smile which I know will be nicely complemented by a white dress 🙂

You want us to sit in front of this woodpile?? Yep.

Leigh loves the view towards Camel’s Hump from the back pasture so out there we went. It is QUITE a view!

I love this funkier edit of the same view.

Have a great weekend and I’ll be seeing you guys very soon!



These are awesome Amanda! I love the 2 pasture shots! WOW!!!!!!!!

blood and yelp….ewwwwww!!! 🙂

Good thing your pictures are so freakin beautiful that they make up for that lil’ party foul Mrs. H!!! These two are adorable…you’re gonna have a blast with them! Incredible shots!


Robin Dini Photography

love the pasture shot! you’ll have to do a wide angle or piece together a pano when the ceremony happens. that would be insane!

julia! you’re going to love it there!!!!

Love the last 3 the most, beautiful!

Look at that open field… gorgeous!

E. Broderick Photography

Wow–they couldn’t be any cuter. I love that last shot. And her smile is gorgeous!

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