Cousins Visit!

July 29, 2010

Sorry for the dearth of posts – the busy summer season is in full full swing around here and in trying to keep up with everything else the blog has gotten a bit ignored. I have a backlog of things to post, an engagement shoot this afternoon and a newborn/family shoot tomorrow so stay tuned and eventually they’ll all get up!

A few weeks Jeff’s cousins and their two girls came up to the lake for the weekend. Due to my schedule I only got to spend a night with them but we had a blast swimming and noodling around the lake.

As the sun was setting I took them down to the dock to do a very mini photo shoot before dinner was ready πŸ™‚

Emma searching for fish off of the dock.

We tried to get some pictures of the two of them together πŸ™‚

Love these two of Emma.

With their Momma – Jeff’s cousin Beth

The next morning it didn’t take Sage long to find the best spot…..when we have kids I have no doubt we’ll have immaculate floors πŸ™‚

A competitive game of Connect 4 was played πŸ™‚

Emma trying to convince everyone that really her rules are the right way to do it πŸ™‚

And they’re off!

It was so great to see you guys! Sorry I couldn’t stay longer and I’m VERY sorry I missed the other Herzberger clan!

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