Crafting Update

October 24, 2010

This summer hasn’t left me with too much time to craft but I’m getting psyched up for winter and already thinking about the projects I will make!

I did finish up this Christmas moose (which I need to remember to drop off to be finished so it will be ready by Christmas!) in August

This quilt was finished many months ago but I finally remembered to take a photo of it hanging at the lake 🙂

I took a class to learn how to create the “Storm at Sea” pattern last winter and was very happy with the colors and results.

Fia’s head is getting bigger so I’ve been making her a few new hats. I also made a light green one (and joked it was a Yamaka because it was too small!) and am in the midst of a lavender one 🙂

Fia says “It’s not winter yet!!”

Any of you have good crafting projects to recommend?

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