Creagh Family

November 5, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I got the chance to hang out with the Creagh family who I have been photographing for years. It is so fun to see kids grow up and these two are becoming so mature and just such nice kids.

You’re not going to get me….no siree!

She is learning about her right and left hand and one of the tricks they are using is she only sucks her right fingers….a great way to remember!

She has a great special relationship with her Mom

And a glance back in time – this was from 2 years ago!

We picked up her Brother at the bus and headed home

Happy siblings 🙂

He was showing me how he’s a champion stick twirler

I finally got him! Mom helped me by telling some pretty funny jokes 🙂

ohana photographers-david and kimi

ahh the first shot is too cute for words!!

Robin Dini Photography

love these! so fun!

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