Creating a DIY Headboard

February 10, 2011

Yesterday I discussed how we chose the fabric for our headboard which felt like quite a process. As we were looking around we started thinking about how big of a headboard we wanted and what shape it would be.
Since it was my first one I decided to keep it simple and just go with a square shape. We also knew that we wanted to be able to sit up in bed and not have the headboard dig into our neck so it needed to be taller than us.
Bring on the masking tape (colored with a Sharpie so you could see it…..we’re fancy like that!) – this looks pretty good πŸ™‚
(Jeff was so thrilled that I made him take a timer shot to illustrate!!)

A picture without the people but with the wrinkly sheets and messy bedside tables (it’s all about making the after shot look better!)

Jeff and I met up at Home Depot to buy the parts we’d need to construct the headboard. I tried to measure the bed where it would attach but it was tricky so I just colored the size in with a Sharpie…..I’m not sure Jeff appreciated my creativity and method πŸ™‚

We bought a 1/4″ Sheet of 4×8 Plywood cut down to 38×60 to fit our Queen Sized Bed. If we did it again I might go up one size so it’s a bit thicker and sturdier (especially since we weren’t attaching to the wall but putting legs on it)

Next to Jo-Ann’s to buy the foam (bring a coupon…..that stuff is $$$$!!!) and batting (we just bought a package fit for a queen sized bed since we had two headboards to make….we had a bit left over

We headed up to the lake and got started on Saturday afternoon.

Poor Sutton (Alyssa’s dog) had been neutered a few days before so he was rocking the cone and everyone was doing their best to keep him quiet… sometimes worked πŸ™‚

Again THIS was the tutorial we followed. She mounted her headboard right to the wall but since we’re in a rental and didn’t want to worry about filling in holes when we left Jeff fashioned some legs to attach to the headboard.
Strider supervised.

This photo is a bit misleading – I think Jeff was using the board under as safety so he wouldn’t drill through the floor πŸ™‚

As it turns out one of the sheets of plywood we bought was stacked in the wrong pile and was thinner than expected. My handy husband nailed a board diagonally across the back to stabilize it – worked like a charm πŸ™‚

An electric saw would have made cutting the foam a bit neater but we just used a razor blade (clearly we’re not perfectionists!!)

Notice how we cut the foam to fit around the legs
We used spray adhesive to theoretically attach the foam to the board but in reality it didn’t really work very well so we just wung it (that is the past tense of winging it!!)

The downstairs hallway had the perfect amount of floor space to spread out!

The next day we finished both.

The first step is laying the batting out, laying the headboard face down on top of it and then stapling the batting in place. Sorry – forgot to take a picture of that πŸ™‚
Here is Alyssa laying her fabric out and smoothing out any wrinkles

You lay the headboard down on top very carefully and then start stapling (we started on the sides but you can start anywhere)

The corners we played around with until they looked neat and then they got stapled!

Here’s my finished corner πŸ™‚

And the back of my finished headboard (our scissors were so dull so we didn’t neaten the back up at all…’s going to be facing the wall so we weren’t worried!)

We cut the fabric a bit to make it fit around the legs and then just added a few extra staples for stabilization

FINITO!!! I love the fabric and am so glad I went with the leaves!!

Breakdown of the Costs:
Fabric: $9.99/yd x 2 yards – $20
Home Depot: $17 (Plywood Backing, Wood for Legs, Spray Adhesive, Mounting Hardware)
Jo-Ann’s: $95 (Foam and Batting)
Total – $132
I thought that was a pretty good price for a DIY headboard considering that the ones online cost hundreds of dollars. I did utilize coupons at Jo-Ann’s which are readily available online (and now downloadable to your I-Phone!) and they were also having a sweet 50% off sale on the fabric I wanted…..score!
Last weekend we painted our room and this week I’m sewing curtains – the room feels transformed and like a spa.
Photos of painting to come in a few days and hopefully I’ll finish the curtains this week too (one window down….one to go!)
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