CT Ice Storm

December 1, 2011

A few days ago I blogged about Snotober at the lake. Now here are the photos of what we found when we drove home to Connecticut.

Yikes. There were so many branches down that you could barely see the car – thankfully Jeff was parked in the right spot – his car would have gotten crushed if he was in the other spot by many heavy branches – phew!

It was a mess

Our light and most of our fence got knocked down

The backyard wasn’t as dramatic but there were still plenty of branches down

A power line came down on Jeff’s car but thankfully they had already cut it by the time we got home

Time to get to work!!

The only damage to Jeff’s car – a spiderweb crack on his windshield and a small dent above the gas tank

We cleared things from the driveway and then headed back to the lake for another week since there was no power. We came home the next Sunday to power but no internet and spent a few hours outside really clearing everything out.

After that work our property looked pretty much back to normal

We joked that we even got a makeshift privacy fence from all the branches waiting to be picked up. That huge pile was picked up the next day but more came down in the following week that still haven’t been picked up. Oh well – we’ll be fully back to normal eventually!

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