Custom Shootsac Cover

April 18, 2008

One new addition to my gear recently is a custom Shootsac cover. The Shootsac itself is great – I love how it conforms to my body and the amount of gear I can get in it – it’s all I need!

I originally saw the idea on Joy Moody’s blog and she kindly connected me with Sandy, who does custom embroidery on the covers. You can choose from a few different colors and styles and the price is right!

Thank you to Mike Romano for taking this picture during the recent Rediscovery Workshop. You are the best 🙂

To get your own email Sandy and she’ll provide more information.

Thanks again Mike!


My name is Sandy. I would love to make a logo cover for all. Just email me with your request and we will get right to work for you! Sandy
My email address:

way to rock the sac sister

E. Broderick Photography

So do I need to order a shootsac ASAP? I really think I do. I have yet to find a way to have what I want (as far as lenses, etc.) when I want it! I tried wearing 2 bodies and felt pretty clumsy. Maybe I need to get used to that, but I do love the idea of not having to run back to my bag for a differnet lens when I want to shoot a new angle…

“Me wants it!”

Tony Spinelli Photography

Awesome shootsac cover! I just got my shootsac and I’m loving it.

I stumbled on your blog on osp! I love you shoot sac cover its awesome! I am for sure going to be emailing her!

That’s pretty sweet!

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