Daddio Visits Vermont!

September 20, 2012

In mid August Dad and Annie came and visited us for the first time. My Dad as you know is an AMAZING gardener so besides being excited to show him the house I was excited to learn at his side and really tackle the garden which had been left to its’ own devices since we moved in. We spent many hours in the garden and by the time he left it was looking much more respectable and I felt like it was something that I could keep up with for the rest of the year! Thanks for coming!! xo

One night we drove up Mt. Philo at sunset – the view never gets old and Dad & Annie had never been up – they were most impressed!

Working hard!

Dad – put down the clippers!!

The doggies supervised

The lilac apparently needed a bit of a haircut as Dad said it was “getting a bit leggy”

The lilac bush out front also got some trimming back with some supervision from Sage!

Come anytime!!

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