Devin & Alexa’s Digital Flushmount Wedding Album

September 24, 2010

One of my big goals for this year was to keep the wedding album process moving forward as speedily as possible so clients could get their album sooner.

I’ve been doing this by asking my clients before the wedding if they’d prefer to pick the pictures (due 1 month after the photos are released) or have me do an initial design that they can submit changes to. Most clients have chosen the second option so I’ve done my best to get those designs turned around within 2-3 weeks after the photos are released.

I’ve found that sorting through 750+ pictures can be totally overwhelming for people so the sooner they do it the easier it is when they are still in wedding mode and even easier is when I select my favorites and then there are usually just a few changes anyway.
So without further ado my first album from the 2010 season – my June 12th couple Alexa & Devin!
They chose a 10×10 Digital Flushmount Wedding Album with the classic “Miami Ink” cover option and a 4×4 picture.
Enjoy the photos!

I especially loved their bridal party pictures in the beautiful Mirbeau gardens so was psyched when they highlighted these as full page images

Digital albums lay flat in the middle with barely a gutter and the white “borders” are digitally created so each page is one picture (no matted how many pictures appear within)

I loved this full wedding shot we were able to get from the balcony – it’s such a fun idea!

I loved the parent dance images so again was happy with how they chose to showcase them

This photo was Alexa’s idea and it was the perfect parting shot!

You can find out more information about wedding albums through your gallery or by contacting me.

I’m headed down to Mystic shortly for Jen & Dan’s rehearsal dinner – what a picture perfect day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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