DIY Headboard – Choosing a Fabric!

February 9, 2011

Back in the fall I read this blogpost about creating a DIY heaboard and filed it away as a winter to do πŸ™‚
When I mentioned the idea of creating the headboard to my friend Alyssa she wanted to join in on the fun which provided good motivation for both of us! We set the date of the last weekend of January when we would all be up at the lake so I started shopping for fabric a few weeks before.
My first stop was to the Jo-Ann Fabrics in Manchester, CT. I hadn’t been there in ages so had no idea what their selection of fabrics would be like but it turned out to be great – they had a number of ready to cut bolts of fabric as well as ones that could be specially ordered.
The challenge was narrowing it down!! Let the fun begin!

This was originally my top choice – I LOVE the color blue and thought the simple bird motif was very sweet. Jeff liked it but didn’t love it.

I also realized after a few days of dreaming of a blue bird headboard that the fabric wasn’t wide enough and would need to be pieced. Oy.
I’m a handy sewer but a big old seam in the middle of my headboard that may or may not line up was not what I had in mind so sadly I had to take a pass on this one!

From my first trip to Jo-Ann’s this was Jeff’s favorite. I like the fact that it’s striking but wondered if it would be too busy for a bedroom – I wanted a restful retreat!

Here are a bunch of other fabrics I snapped and discarded in my hunt. I love the look of coral so will eventually figure out something to do with it – shower curtain?

Alyssa and I spent a Sunday afternoon at Osgood’s and then visited two different Jo-Ann’s locations!

Did I mention I like blue?

My friend Sarah is my go to source for style advice of all types. I figured before I pulled the trigger and bought the striking blue and white fabric that Jeff loved I’d give her a call.

She counseled that choosing a fabric with only two colors (and especially such a striking blue and white) would really limit my paint and accessories options so suggested we look for big prints with multiple colors…..back to the drawing board πŸ™‚

These were the top two we came up with

I brought home sample of both and hung them above the bed so I could spend a few days thinking about them.

I also blogged them and through the power of social media got a lot of great feedback.

The winner? The leaves.

I liked the flowers but thought it was a bit too mature (if that makes sense) for my style. I loved the colors of the leaves and the simple bold pattern.

With that decision made I started frequenting hardware stores and bringing home paint swatches to put up on the wall. As I discarded my choices I hung them above the lamp just to provide a reference point.

Strider was deeply invested and thrilled by this whole process πŸ˜‰

Next up…..creating the headboard!
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