Do It Yourself Christmas Pennant

December 23, 2010

My friend Sarah created an awesome pennant banner for her Husband Reid’s 30th birthday and I just instantly fell in love. This winter I plan to make many for various holidays but since time was a ticking and we were having some guests over for dinner a few weekends ago I knew I needed to get cracking on a holiday one!

I tried to take pictures as I went along but I forgot for a few of the steps πŸ™‚
First I printed out the letters on plain computer paper – I used size 300 Century Gothic Font in Bold
I cut them out carefully with scissors and pinned them to plain white felt. I then cut around each letter creating felt letters

I drew a few pennants before I came up with a size and shape I liked – think about how many letters you will need to fit and how wide your mantel is to decide how big to make them.

I used my paper template of the pennant flag to cut out fabric pennants
I then pinned the letters to the fabric eyeballing so it will be in the middle.
Then use a zig zag stitch (I chose a contrasting red color) to sew around each letter

Once that’s done pin the two sides of your pennant (i.e. two pieces of green fabric) wrong sides together

Make sure the right side of the fabric is showing on the front and the back!

Then sew around the pennant in a straight stitch about 1/4″ from the seam
I bought new pinking shears for this project so my blade was quite sharp!
After sewing the flags together I removed the needles and cut the sides with the shears – in retrospect I didn’t need to cut the top as that gets sewn in and disappears….you do you learn πŸ™‚

I also realized as I went along that it’s helpful to start in the top corner for the same reason – it will get hidden when you sew it into the binding

I chose contrasting fabric for two end pieces. At first I was going to alternate red and green letters but I ended up doing all green letters and then using this red fabric as the end.

Check out the below photo – oops! Those trees will be upside down! No matter – I used those two pieces as the backing for the pieces I cut correctly but pay attention to directional fabric!!

The red strip is pre-made binding that I bought at Jo-Anne’s (it’s stocked near the zipper section). I didn’t take a picture before I sewed (still new to this DIY picture taking!!) but basically you just open the binding, slip the letters in, and then pin it to hold in place.

You want to fold the binding in half to find the center point and then start by pinning your center letter and working outwards…make sure to keep the spacing between letters roughly the same.

I didn’t cut off the excess of the binding but just let it hang down on either side of the mantle so that it will fit different spaces (thanks to Sarah for that tip!)

Now that you’re on the edge of your seat I’m going to make you wait….holiday decor pictures including the finished pennant banner coming tomorrow πŸ™‚

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