Dr. Mary Spicer & Back in Balance – Shelburne Chiropractor

March 8, 2009

When I was up in Shelburne this week I stopped by Back in Balance to take some photos of Dr. Mary Spicer for her new website. Mary’s office is in the renovated Shelburne Inn building and it’s so warm and inviting with great colors and beautiful furnishings….the sort of space that makes you go “ahhhhhh!”

Mary is such a warm loving person and she just has this way of connecting with people immediately that was so evident.

Here Mary uses a percussor to deeply stimulate the muscles and release tension in the back

This instrument (I joked it looked like a stun gun) actually helps adjust people’s backs and spines

At the end of the shoot I got my first adjustment. Being a photographer and also sitting at a desk for many hours at a time I can’t say my posture is the best. I tend to scrunch up my shoulders and hunch over so it was nice to be stretched out and straightened and to get some tips about how to prevent neck and shoulder pain the future.

Give Mary a call – 802.985.3300

Thanks Mary!


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