Engagement Session – Pat & Becky

May 15, 2007

A beautiful night for engagement pictures….

While they were getting ready I hung out with the cats – Wingnut and Rigger.

And Mr. Rigger who was slightly less interested in having his photo taken

On to the real deal….first stop was the church where they will be married (we tried to go inside but all the doors were locked)

Then to the river

A little game of pick me up….

Pat is very happy that this is the last location!!

You guys were great – thanks for laughing at my bad jokes and noises 🙂 Jeff and I had a great time at dinner.

Can’t wait to show you more!


Steve you are SUCH A DORK!!! LOL. But seriously Amanda. MORE COWBELL.

oh may god, cows? 🙂

I’m a city girl. Great work girl.

Are those cows in the background of that fun bride over the shoulder pix? If so give me more cowbell… I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!

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