Eric & Ellen – Operation Love Re-United

July 24, 2009

The other day I met up with Ellen & Eric at the lake (her Grandparents are good friends of ours!) for an Operation Love Re-United shoot.

Eric is deploying for training and then will eventually be heading overseas.

I wish him safe journey and safe home.

Enjoy the photos!


Robin Dini Photography

these are so sweet! I love that you do these. The shot with the flowers in focus in the foreground is beautiful.

Love the one of them on the dock. What a special thing for you to provide for them while he is away!

Eric, be safe!


e. broderick photography

I was so excited to see these! Ellen looks beautiful, as always. These two are just an adorable and amazing couple. I am so grateful to Eric for his service and am so glad that you were able to do this shoot for them. I am sure these images will bring them both comfort during their time apart.

These images will be cherished while they are apart. Awesome Amanda!

Thank you Eric for what you do, thank you Ellen for supporting Eric… and thank you Amanda for taking photos of Eric and Ellen so they can have these wonderful images.

I love to see your work with this particular organization. While there are so many worthwhile causes, I love how this one is a perfect example of how art can give a couple something to smile about during a time when it's probably really hard to smile at all.

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