Essex Resort Wedding :: Terry & Dawna

October 15, 2015


Terry and Dawna were married on September 26th with a ceremony and reception at the Essex Resort & Spa.

When Terry proposed, he planned a special dinner at Leunig’s on Church Street for New Year’s Eve 2014 (that was one of their favorite restaurants). They were late leaving their home and got pulled over (!!) on the way, but thankfully, they got off with just a warning.

Once they got to the restaurant and were eating dessert, Terry asked, “So, how long have we been dating now?” When Dawna responded that it had been three years, Terry pulled out the ring and said, “I think that’s long enough, don’t you?” Terry had been working with Perrywinkle’s for months designing the ring, and she loved it!

Terry told me about Dawna’s reaction:

She couldn’t even look at it and closed the ring box, holding it tightly. Her eyes were sparkling, and she was so happy. She eventually took out the ring and put it on, still shaking and so happy.

On the day of the wedding, I started out at Terry and Dawna’s home. The men were grilling lunch and playing horseshoes.

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0001 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0002 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0003 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0004

After Terry and Eric got dressed, I headed over to the ladies, who were getting their hair and makeup done. (Special thanks to Mirror Mirror—they did a great job with the makeup prep!)


Dawna’s shoes were to die for and amazingly she lasted all night in them! And I love this photo of Terry’s daughter checking out the progress at the ceremony site!


Dawna was so radiantly happy all day!

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0007 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0008

Dawna donned her beautiful gown, and then I headed downstairs to capture the guests arriving.

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0011 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0012

I caught this sweet moment as Terry greets his future Mother in Law as she arrives.

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0013 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0014 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0015 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0016 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0017

During the ceremony, a friend of Terry and Dawna’s sang two beautiful songs.

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0018 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0019

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0020 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0021

I think my favorite image of the day was right after the ceremony, when Terry and Dawna were greeting their closest family and friends. Everyone was blowing bubbles around them, and there was just so much happiness!

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0022 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0023

Terry’s close friend, Jason Spivey, did a phenomenal job with the planning and event designing. The room looked spectacular!

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0024 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0025 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0026 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0028 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0029 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0030 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0031 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0032 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0034

The decor was a nod to Terry and Dawna’s love of all things Disney, with a Cinderella theme. The light fixtures were covered in delicate parasols (the lighting was done by Green Mountain Lighting & Sound and the gorgeous flowers came courtesy of Village Green Florist).

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0035 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0036

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0009 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0037 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0038 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0039 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0040 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0041 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0042 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0043 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0044 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0045 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0046 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0047 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0048 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0049

The DJ, Ultrasonic Sounds, had everyone out on the dance floor all night long, but not before Terry and Dawna wowed everyone with their moves—they had been practicing!

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0050 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0051 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0052 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0053 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0054 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0055

Terry and Dawna were an absolute hoot the entire day—from their loving cake smash to the bouquet/garter toss.

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0057 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0058 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0059 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0060 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0061 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0062 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0063

I loved Dawna’s fluffy garter—she kept losing feathers all night long and didn’t want Terry to know, so I followed her and would stealthily pick them up to tuck them into my bag! Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0064 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0065 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0066

I especially loved the wedding dance tradition (a Pennsylvania classic) where the maid of honor collects donations that people give to be able to dance with the bride. In the meantime, the guys hang out at the bar while the groom tries to break into the circle of people dancing around the bride to try to claim her! The guests did their best, but Terry eventually broke through the rescue his bride.

Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0067 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0068 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0069 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0070 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0071 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0072 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0073 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0074 Essex-Resort-Wedding-Orchard-Cove-Photography_0075

Terry & Dawna—what a fun day! Thank you so much for welcoming me into all your excitement. It was a pleasure to be there—congratulations!!

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