Extended birthday fun

April 29, 2008

Since Carla and I were both out of town for our birthdays we decided to have a little BBQ/ marshmallow roast to celebrate after the fact. It was another beautiful spring night and we were able to be outside – yay!

Carla’s adorable little monkey Jack

And her other adorable little monkey Georgie. Georige LOVES when Strider comes to visit and calls me Amanda Harris as in “Is Amanda Harris coming over today? Amanda Harris what are you doing?” It is pretty stinking cute.

Steve – don’t worry – you’ll grow taller some day.

Birthday girls πŸ™‚

I borrowed Paul & Krystal’s 1.2 lens- let’s just say I didn’t want to give it back!

Nikki Nicole took these next two of me snoogling with my pooch

Ok – birthday celebrations for humans are officially over for another year πŸ™‚

Robin Dini Photography

awwwww. these are great πŸ™‚ You’re awesome. when are we going to work together?

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