Fall Day in Vermont

October 9, 2010

I am finally getting to sort through my personal images from my trip to Vermont in September….I figure I better get going because I’m leaving to head up to Vermont for the weekend in a few minutes and I’ll have more to blog after this weekend!

For Jon’s Opening he had a few friends up for the weekend which was quite fun – on Friday before we headed out to the gallery we took a big walk around Shelburne Farms which is one of my most favorite things to do!
Near the breeding barn there were sheep in a field and this llama guarding them.

Sage was a bit wary (mostly because I told her to sit and stay!)

But after the llama walked away she and I got a bit braver

Notice the progression- llama notices Sage and starts to walk back recovering her territory! Needless to say I got Sage out of there…didn’t want any llama spit on her!!

The sheep were beautiful AND had a ton of burs in their coats? Anyone know how they get them out before or after shearing them?

We continued on….

Love this one – Sage always loves snuggling with her Brother!

The artist 🙂

You’re making me stay Mom – not cool!

Jeff arrived right as we came back and we headed out to our favorite lunch spot (also the spot where we had our wedding ceremony!) to eat.

Clearly the walk wasn’t long enough 🙂

Stay tuned for pictures from Jon’s opening!

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