Fall Weekend at the Lake

October 19, 2008

Last weekend we had a lovely quiet, perfect fall weekend at the lake. On Saturday it was trail clearing day so we took to the woods with our chainsaw and muscles and cleared fallen trees trails. That afternoon Jeff’s Mom arrived for a quick visit and we went out for an evening kayak.

Giles is out of town so Cathy came to hang out with us πŸ™‚

The foliage is pretty close to peak

So about fifteen minutes before we reached the top of the lake a moose got into the water on one side and swam clear across to the other side. I’ve NEVER seen a moose before but we missed it. Instead – we got to see the beavers. At sunset they come out of their dens looking for food. To intimidate us they smack their tails on the water. It’s fun to try and spot them πŸ™‚

For this shot I was way off in another inlet in the lake trying to find some when I looked around and noticed that Jeff and co. had found their own. As I was furiously paddling over this happened – I wish I had had my long lens but bringing my 5D in the kayak with me was risky enough πŸ™‚

We headed for home once the sun set so Jeff could make his famous Sausage Pasta….yum πŸ™‚

Sunday was just as beautiful – clear blue skies and warm temperatures!

We took a LOOOOOOONG walk and even got lost! Thankfully Jeff has a great sense of direction so after about 20 minutes of being off the trail we found it again.

Yesterday I shot a wedding with Justin & Mary Marantz and this morning I had a portrait shoot with two adorable boys. Tomorrow I head down to PA to see my Dad for a few days and on Friday morning early early I go to NYC for a tradeshow……keeping busy πŸ™‚

Robin Dini Photography

mmmm. looks wonderful! their colors are great up there!

Looks amazing! I love this time of year.

gorgeous! makes me wish i were in VT right now!

E. Broderick Photography

Wow. Looks like a wonderful and peaceful time. I can’t believe you missed the moose! Doh!

WOW, those colors are amazing.. Very pretty

BEYOND pretty!

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