Family Photographer Vermont :: Tate

June 6, 2013

It was SO fun to see former wedding clients Brett & Amy last week in their new role of parents to eight week old Tate! He is such a happy little guy and such a good baby – already sleeping seven hours at night in his crib…..I grilled them on how they accomplished that feat! Eight weeks can be a tricky age as babies are smiling sporadically but not always on command. Amy’s Mom was there and she seemed to have the magic touch of coaxing smiles out of little Tate. Enjoy the photos!

Family-Photographer Vermont-0001
He loves his changing table and being sung to and talked to – lots of smiles!
Family-Photographer Vermont-0002

Family-Photographer Vermont-0003

Family-Photographer Vermont-0004

Family-Photographer Vermont-0006
Pat-a-Cake was also a hit
Family-Photographer Vermont-0007

Family-Photographer Vermont-0008

Family-Photographer Vermont-0009
Getting a little sleepy but I loved the scale of Brett’s hands….that won’t last long!
Family-Photographer Vermont-0010

Family-Photographer Vermont-0011

Family-Photographer Vermont-0012

Family-Photographer Vermont-0013
Tate also loves his activity mat
Family-Photographer Vermont-0014
Alright can we wrap this up? I’m getting sleepy
Family-Photographer Vermont-0015
Perhaps one more in my big boy chair
Family-Photographer Vermont-0016

Family-Photographer Vermont-0017
Brett & Amy generously offered to host me for the night – I love these more casual lifestyle ones of a typical night in their family
Family-Photographer Vermont-0018
Late night smiles before heading up to bed
Family-Photographer Vermont-0021
SO great to see you all – I’m looking forward to seeing how much he’s changed by September!! xo

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