Orchard Cove Photography is a good fit for casual, intimate weddings. I like to focus on the FUN of the event by documenting your most joyful and memorable moments. I specialize in, and enjoy photographing, outdoor and at-home weddings.

My approach is very moment-driven, capturing the moments that make your wedding day a true celebration of relationships – the moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, but those that prompt the sweetest memories later on.


Orchard Cove Photography accepts a limited number of weddings which means personalized service and speedy turnaround of wedding images that reflect your personality and the spirit of the day. On the wedding day I pride myself in being relaxed, organized, and friendly to everyone I’m interacting with. My favorite part is catching those tiny moments that make wedding memories truly special, often using a zoom lens so the style is authentic and un-intrusive.


What’s your wedding photography style?

My style is pretty laid back – I try to shoot in an unobtrusively calm, natural way, with a focus on FUN. I’m not a big in your face photographer and prefer to take a back seat and watch the events of the day unfold naturally. Most of the day I photograph with a zoom lens so the style is authentic, not intrusive. My photography is very moment driven and I’m drawn to document the relationships between you both and your families on this most important day.

Do you take group photos? Can you work off a list?

Most of the couples I work with want to take them but want them to be as quick and painless as possible. This is the one part of your day while I’ll step to the front and direct people so we can be speedy and get you back to your guests. If everyone is present I can photograph both sides of a typical immediate family in as little as 15 minutes. I do accept lists of groupings but advise that it be kept to a minimum so I don’t spend my entire evening staring down at a piece of paper and missing out on all the small special moments that are happening all around me.


Should I have a 2nd photographer?

I recommend choosing an option with a second photographer if you are inviting over 150 guests or if you aren’t doing a first look (taking all the photos beforehand) meaning that no one would be at cocktail hour if there was only one photographer.

How long until we see the images?

I typically release wedding images within three weeks. At that point they are posted on a password protected proofing site that allows family and friends to see and order photos making it easier for you both! Typically about 750 images will be presented in a mix of color and black and white. Access to the (full-resolution) digital negatives is included in all of my packages.


Are engagement photos required?

I recommend doing them but if geography or other circumstances prevents this it’s not a huge deal. If that is the case, one alternative is having me photograph the rehearsal dinner – I find it’s a great way to get to know all the important players and have them become comfortable with my presence so that by the wedding day they forget I’m there!

What’s required to confirm the date?

I require a ⅓ retainer by check of the package price and a signed electronic contract. If you’re ready to move forward, email me with your package selection and I’ll prepare the contract and send it over along with the deposit information.


What albums do you offer?

I specialize in Queensberry Matted albums but also offer other options for various budgets and styles.

How long does it take to receive my album?

I’ve delivered an album in as little as one month after the wedding….it really depends on how motivated you are to get it done!

What’s the album design process?

After the wedding, I will send you a first draft of the album which you can comment on and make changes to. We’ll go back and forth until the design is finalized and you are thrilled! Even if an album is not included in the package we will move forward right away with finalizing the design while the images are still fresh in your mind.


What gear do you shoot with?

I use Canon gear (5D Mark IV) and shoot with professional grade lenses and accessories. I also have a full complement of back up gear just in case an issue arises.

What happens if you get sick the day of?

I am very lucky to be a member of a large group of professional photographers that eagerly and cheerfully step in if anything goes wrong the day of.....we always have each other’s back!

Giving Back

Amanda is passionate about her work with the Junior League of Champlain Valley and creating Vermont's 1st Diaper Bank to help distribute diapers to families in need. For each wedding booked Amanda will donate $250 (enough to diaper a child for 6 months) to the diaper bank.