Favorite Photo :: Audra & Steve

October 23, 2012

Audra & Steve were married at the Round Barn back in 2010 on a beautiful beautiful fall day.

They recently wrote in to share their favorite photos….

Audra writes: “I had so many favorite photos from our wedding day – Amanda truly captured so many joyous moments! If I had to choose one, my favorite would have to be the candid shot of us in mid-laughter during our reception when our siblings were sharing some embarrassing childhood stories. This picture really captures how hysterically happy we were at that moment: both of our smiles couldn’t be any bigger and it perfectly depicts genuine wedding bliss. And two years later…I’m still laughing that hard with my best friend!”

Steve writes: “I am most attached to the photos where Amanda was able to capture those sweet, emotional moments throughout our day, which I think is perfectly exemplified in my favorite picture from our wedding. As we were surrounded by our closest family and friends, I remember giving Audra a big hug as we danced together for the first time as husband and wife. This embrace not only symbolized the relief of making it through all of the detailed wedding planning, but it was the start of a fun night ahead and our new lives together as Mr. & Mrs.”

Amanda writes: “Similar to Audra my favorite photo comes from the toasts – they were hilarious and I love how in this photo Audra has her head thrown back and Steve looks so happy. The reception is often the time when people really relax and it sinks in that they are married and I just love the expressions on both of their faces.”

Thanks for sharing, Audra & Steve! xo

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