Favorite Photo :: Brett & Amy

August 21, 2012

Today our favorite photo share comes from Brett & Amy who got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Stonover Farm in Lenox, MA

Amy writes: “I feel a bit bad not choosing a shot with us in it, but my favorite is probably the one of my parents looking at Harold (my surrogate grandfather) during our ceremony. I can tell that this was taken when Jim was talking about how Ruthie and Harold’s marriage was a model of what we hope for in ours. Harold’s expression says so much about the love that they had. It’s a photo that captures exactly what we wanted our ceremony to represent.”

Brett writes: “I really like this one because it captures a moment near the end of the ceremony when everyone started laughing because of the serious way Jim, our officiant, said “Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” It wouldn’t be funny to anyone who wasn’t there which makes its an even more special moment. I also like it because it reminds me of all the laughter and fun that we had during the whole weekend.”

Thanks for sharing, Brett & Amy!

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