Favorite Photo :: Gard & Martha

October 9, 2012

Today’s favorite photo share comes from Gard & Martha who were married last summer in New Hampshire

Gard writes: “This was taken outside of our church immediately after the ceremony. We had some family friend’s bring our pup, Henri, by for a quick photo. He is our 18 pound Westie with 1,000 pounds of personality. This is my favorite photo because its the first one of us as an official family. Its not the most flattering one of Martha and me but the feeling of it says it all.”

Martha writes: “It was so hard to choose! In the end this is my absolute favorite photo from our wedding and we have it framed on our mantle. Its my favorite because it captures so much – the fun, the love and the joy of marrying your best friend with all your favorite people around you. Our parent’s organized a sparkler send-off at the end of the reception and in this photo we’re just at the end of it, about to say goodbye to our families before hopping in the getaway car. We are both beaming. It is cheesy to say but I love the feeling of motion that seems symbolic as we dash from our wedding to start the rest of life. It was truly a magical feeling.”

Martha also suggested that I should have to pick my favorite which I think is a great idea! My favorite is the moment below from their reception. The band had Martha and Gard do a dance off and then had the crowd cheer for the winner. As she was dancing Gard was cheering her on but when it came time to vote it was on! I love their expressions and the reminder of how much fun the reception was!

Thanks so much Gard & Martha for sharing!!

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