Favorite Photo :: Laura & Jay

June 10, 2015

Today our favorite photo share comes from a wedding which was one of my favorites last summer – Jay & Laura’s beautiful backyard wedding

Laura writes :: “There are so many wonderful ones that it’s hard to choose just one! But, I think my favorite is the photo of me and Jay holding hands running in the field. There was a moment after dinner when I wanted some time just with Jay away from everyone else and I asked Amanda to “take us aside” for some photos and we ended up breaking into a run. I needed the moment of alone time to breathe deeply and soak in the day and it felt like this symbol of our future together–supported by our amazing family and friends in the background, but about the two of us alone embracing what’s ahead of us. I get this sense of a different kind of freedom when I look at the photo: I’m embarking on a new adventure and this time it’s with my best friend. ”


Jay writes :: “Too many favorites! I love the family and group shots in front of the barn, us in front of the cabin and house. The photo of Josie presenting her truck with her father in the background kneeling with his face in his hands with everyone else laughing is a classic. A few of my absolute favorites are of Laura and me after the receiving line. We had a few minutes in the upper field to breathe and relax and to take everything in for a brief minute. There is a wonderful photo of us in front of a beautiful large single tree in the middle of the field with the green mountains in the background. Shortly after that, we walked down to the reception and there a few wonderful photos of us walking with Laura’s veil blowing in the breeze–they always make me smile.”


“If I could only have one, though, it would probably be one of the ones of us walking up the dirt road hand in hand. We both have huge smiles and everything is perfect.”


Thanks, Laura & Jay!

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