Fia – 17 Months :: VT Children’s Photographer

March 1, 2011

On Valentine’s Day I looked after Fia so her Parents could get some grown up time alone together πŸ™‚ As it worked out with scheduling they actually didn’t leave until after she was in bed so they are due for an overnight sometime this summer and I’m going to kick them out if I have to πŸ™‚
Fia is seventeen months old and is just blossoming πŸ™‚
When she got home she was interested in a snack even though it was almost dinnertime!

Strider kept a close eye on her as she ate her Cheerios πŸ™‚

Nothing like window light for a beautiful portrait

Fun times climbing the stairs πŸ™‚

Can I have some please?

I love how she shared with him – he was less interested in eating her crayons πŸ™‚

Drawing at her new activity table- a beautiful find from a local yard sale

Fun times with Dad – she loves experimenting with how her voice changes as she is bounced up and down πŸ™‚

Sage – NO!

I had to try and tell Fia that giving them food was not ok….and had to try and keep a straight face πŸ™‚

I love that she drinks out of a shot glass – very appropriately sized but I gave Heidi and Ave a hard time about it πŸ™‚

She has a pretty convincing sad face but is easily distracted

She’s clearly had too much to drink πŸ˜‰

Ready for a bath!

Her hair is slowly growing in πŸ™‚

Now it’s really time for bed….and for you guys to skedaddle to your movie!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day – can you believe tomorrow is March??!!
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