Fia (Newborn)

September 14, 2009

I admit that when I first laid eyes on Fia sleeping peacefully in her Mom’s arms tears just started making their way down my face – I was so in awe of the miracle of life, of Heidi becoming a Mom, and of this little person who had made her way into the world a few days earlier. Meet Sofia (Fia)!

4 days old…..

Love this one….three generations.

Fia still defaults to the fetal position when snuggling….I love that about true newborns.

I went over that night to do some work and watch over Fia as she slept so Heidi & Ave could get some sleep. I love the quietness of this image.

5 Days.

Love this one.

Newborn wrinkles 🙂

It’s pretty amazing to watch the transformation in Heidi & Ave now that they’re parents….so cool.

Yes Kitty Kenya is not so sure about this new arrival who has captured everyone’s hearts.

First outing….to the farm cart for a quick lunch.

Fia sleeping on my lap and me holding the camera over my head attempting to aim it in the right direction 🙂

6 days

She looked so peaceful I had to put her down to snap some more.

Little Fia – welcome to this world. You will be loved……a lot.


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