Friends for Dinner!

December 29, 2010

All that holiday decorating was for us and also for a dinner party we had in early December. A new couple moved to West Hartford in the early fall so I wanted to get a few people together to meet them. Our house is wee and little so with eight people it felt bursting but it was a very fun and relaxed night – my favorite way to entertain!

We keep it easy when entertaining and everyone brings something – our contribution was Beef Bourguignon – a good option as you can prepare it ahead of time and pop it in the stove once everyone arrives.

Sutton came too and after dinner met Baby Ellie – his first experience with a baby!

We scheduled the dinner early so Ellie could go to sleep mid way through but she wasn’t having it – she loved looking around and checking things out and didn’t cry once….pretty impressive!

She did take a few cat naps in Mom’s arms 🙂

But then she was up again!

She wanted some Dad time too 🙂

All bundled up to head home!

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